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In August '42 Johnny enlisted in the Air Corps and played cymbals in their band. When Johnny was with Gene Krupa he used to hear Glenn Miller's band, then when he was stationed in Oklahoma he read in a magazine that Glenn was looking for people from the Big Bands.  He kept wishing that one day he could sing with the Miller band so he decided to write to Glenn to ask him if he would be of any use to him.  He waited a long time until he finally received a letter from Mr Miller saying that he was interested in Johnny.  Johnny was on a 10 day leave when he received a phone call at his father's grocery store saying that Glenn wanted him as the vocalist for his band.
 September 1st. 1943, Johnny was then transferred to Chanute Field outside Chicago.  While he was at Chanute Field he had a crew-cut but when he arrived at New Haven his hair had grown again.  Glenn Miller was a strict disciplinarian and didn't like Johnny's long hair so he told him to get it cut.  He ended up going back to the barber's three times in all until Glenn Miller was satisfied that his hair was short enough! When he saw the final cut he said to Johnny, Now thats a haircut and while youre in this band you keep it this way!
Before Johnny made his first appearance with the band it was thought that he was suffering from acute appendicitis, he was sent to hospital but eventually it was found to be a severe attack of nerves!