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His first starring movie was Calypso Heat Wave and then he did a dramatic part in Escape from San Quentin. He made several films, including a co-starring role with Victor Mature in China Doll. Other films were Desert Hell, Hawk of the Caribbean and Fantastic Invasion of Planet Earth
Of course, Johnny's outstanding work in Say Darling had the audiences applauding him at six evening and two matinee performances weekly at the ANTA Theater on Broadway. Johnny was grateful for the chance to work in the play and said, "I owe many thanks to Jule Styne and Abe Burrows for more or less taking a chance on a record singer in a Broadway show. They gave me a great part in a great show and also gave me the opportunity to prove myself in the theater, which gives me a well-rounded career. This was sort of the last frontier!"
Johnny, as you know, was already well established on radio and TV, records, night clubs and movies when he was offered the roll of Nicky Arnstein in Funny Girl with Barbra Streisand. This was to last for two years. Johnny jokingly said "I was the only Italian Jew on Broadway, parts like that were hard to come by."