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In June 1944, Glenn Miller's band was shipped over to England as a morale booster for the G.I.'s over here at that time.  They sailed from New York on the Queen Elizabeth on the 21st of June and arrived at Gourock in Scotland six days later, catching an overnight troop train to London.
The band were originally billeted at the Sloane Court Hotel, Chelsea. The area was known as Buzz-Bomb Alley due to the number of German Doodle-Bugs or flying-bombs which landed in the area. On their first night in London, Johnny, together with Steve and Gene Steck and a couple of the other band members, put on their steel helmets and climbed up to the roof of their hotel to watch the rockets flying over. When the exhaust flame stopped and the engine was silent, the rocket would fall to earth with a tremendous explosion.
Johnny and the band left Sloane Square on Sunday 2nd July 1944, moving to Bedford. Luckily for them they all left when they did; the very next day a V-bomb fell where they had been staying, many people were killed.
  The Miller band was known as The American Band of the Allied Expeditionary Forces.  Johnny became known as the 'G.I. Sinatra', and because of his lovely smooth sounding voice he was also named 'The Creamer'  the French called him Le Cremaire which, roughly translated, meant the Love Song Balladeer.